Uschi Stuart Photographic Images © 2012. All Rights Reserved.
The photographs of Uschi Stuart owe their special character to a sensitive interaction between the photographer and her subject. Uschi employs many camera techniques, including multiple exposure to wonderful effects, conveying the essence of flowers, trees, leaves, and grass, more vividly than any record-shot could accomplish.

In this book the unique images are accompanied by quotations carefully selected by Uschi to accentuate their soulful quality. Though conceived first and foremost for contemplation, some notes on photographic technique are also included that should prove useful for photography enthusiasts.

Uschi's photography reflects an acute, delicate perception of the visual splendour of our world that you are invited to share and enjoy in The Soul Thinks in Images.

295 X 295mm ~ Hard Cover with Dust Jacket 184 pages ~ R395.00

You know that if you get in the water and have nothing to hold on to, but try to behave as you would on dry land, you will drown...
...but if, on the other hand, you trust yourself to the water and let go you will float.
And this is exactly the situation of faith.
Alan Watts